Tourist Information

The charming town of Stintino overlooks the Gulf of Asinara, on the north-eastern coast of Sardinia. The town of Stintino was born precisely in 1885, when the families of the fishermen who lived on the island of Asinara were evicted to make room for the penal colony, and they established a new settlement in ‘’Capo Falcone’’. The origin of the toponym comes from the Sardinian "s'isthintinu", which means the intestines and was the name given to the narrow fjord on which the village was built.
The two ports - Portu Mannu e Portu Minori - are equipped for maritime tourism.

Why visit Stintino

A few kilometres from the town, near the sea, rise the ancient tuna-fishing nets that until the twentieth century were one of the main economic sources of the town. Today they have been restructured and are destined for tourist-recreational purposes. Every summer the Tuna Festival is organized at the port, while the ‘’Museo della Tonnara’’ exhibits a collection of documents, objects, photos and models that portray the life cycle of the tuna and illustrate the various phases of the fishing process.

The Coast

To the north the road goes along the coast up to Capo Falcone, where you can find the tower at the highest point and the two Spanish fortifications of ‘’Pelosa’’ and ‘’Isola Piana’’.
The entire coast of Stintino is bordered by white beaches, which make this town one of the most travel destinations in Sardinia. From Porto Nuovo you can reach the unspoilt natural oasis of the Asinara National Park.